What are the Benefits of Far Infrared Heat Saunas?

The far infrared heat sauna can give you the benefits of sunshine without being exposed to dangerous and damaging ultraviolet rays. Infrared light is known to be the safest and “most beneficial” spectrum of natural sunlight, and spending just 30 minutes a day inside a far infrared heat sauna can improve circulation, enhance natural detoxification and reinforce our body’s natural immune response. At Health and Wellness of Carmel, Dr. Clifford Fetters can help you restore your body and detoxify your skin through far infrared heat sauna treatments in Carmel, IN.

Understanding the far infrared heat saunas

A traditional sauna produces hot air that flows around your body. It creates a relaxing feeling that also boosts blood flow, but it is not as effective as what a far infrared heat sauna produces.

far infrared heat sauna uses a heating element that heats your body instead of the nearby air. The infrared light is emitted onto your body, with a smaller portion heating the air around the space.

What makes far infrared heat special?

Far infrared heat features a longer wavelength for heat. The wavelength can provide cardiovascular benefits, like improved blood flow and the regulation of one’s heart rate. But the wavelength also provides additional benefits for your body.

Far infrared heat can also stimulate your metabolic system by helping you burn down and emulsify fat. The heat can also trigger the release of toxins and old skin cells around your body. The process helps start the skin’s natural healing process, correcting many problems in the tissue.

Does it relieve pain?

One popular part of our far infrared heat sauna service at Health and Wellness of Carmel is how it can reduce pains in your body. The heat helps improve your recovery from various stressful situations, including extensive exercise. The comfortable air also relieves the mind and reduces pain signals in the brain, keeping your body under control through various conditions or situations in Carmel, Indianapolis, or Noblesville, IN.

You’ll find a far infrared heat sauna to be easier to enjoy than a traditional sauna because the temperature in the infrared sauna is lower than what a regular sauna provides.

Can it help with weight loss?

There isn’t enough evidence at the moment to suggest that a far infrared heat sauna can help boost weight loss. But what it can do is restore energy in the body to help someone stay active, thus making it easier to manage a traditional diet and exercise routine. This effect can produce weight loss results if managed well.

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You can enjoy how well a far infrared heat sauna treatment can work for your body. It promotes recovery and can improve how well your body feels in many situations. You can contact Dr. Clifford Fetters and the team at Health and Wellness of Carmel for further details on how well this solution can work for your body. Get in touch with our office in Carmel, IN to schedule an appointment. We provide services for people near Carmel, Indianapolis, and Noblesville, IN.