Optimal Wellness

Are you looking to achieve Optimal Wellness Naturally? We’re here to help!

Our mission at Health and Wellness of Carmel is to work in partnership with our patients to develop an individualized health plan focused on prevention that includes proactive interventions to help them achieve and maintain optimal wellness.

How is Optimal Wellness Different?

For those who do not enjoy ideal health or suffer from health problems and illness we determine the root cause of the problem and we design a treatment program that will allow the body to repair itself and for you to achieve Optimal Wellness Naturally. Our goal is to not use prescription drugs for chronic symptoms and illnesses.

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We Listen. We Help. We Care.

We provide the highest quality medical care and services respecting the biochemical individuality of each individual to maximize health outcomes. Our staff delivers caring, respectful and highly competent services. At Health and Wellness of Carmel, we treat all members of the family as unique individuals with varying needs and concerns. We focus on the overall health, wellness and emotional well-being of the person.

A Partnership for Your Optimal Wellness

Our team works in partnership with holistic and traditional health care providers from around the world to find the most cost-effective measures to eliminate chronic disease. We keep up with the latest research in both holistic and traditional health care.

Years of Expertise and State-of-the-Art Treatment

We have over 30 years of experience in holistic functional medicine. Our training includes our association with the Institute of Functional Medicine, AAFP, A4M, ACIM, ACAM, ILADS and Moss Reports.

If you’re ready to achieve Optimal Wellness Naturally, we’re ready to help! Schedule an appointment today.

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