Cancer Care


Welcome to Health and Wellness of Carmel: Your Partner in Alternative Cancer Treatments

When it comes to addressing cancer, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Every individual’s journey through cancer is uniquely influenced by their health status, lifestyle, and personal preferences. 

At Health and Wellness of Carmel, we understand the importance of tailoring cancer treatments to each patient’s distinctive needs. Our comprehensive range of alternative cancer treatments is designed to empower patients, giving them the confidence to make choices that align with their well-being.

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Embracing Individuality in Cancer Care

Health and Wellness of Carmel stands as a beacon of individualized care in the realm of cancer treatment. Led by the esteemed Dr. Clifford Fetters, our highly skilled team recognizes that no two patients are alike. We are dedicated to crafting personalized treatment strategies that encompass a holistic approach to healing.

Empowering Patients, One Choice at a Time

At Health and Wellness of Carmel, we firmly believe that informed patients are empowered patients. Our mission is to equip individuals with the knowledge and understanding they need to make decisions that resonate with their well-being and values. We’re here to guide, support, and collaborate on every step of the journey.

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Discover the possibilities that lie ahead on your path to wellness. We invite you to explore our range of alternative cancer treatments and schedule a consultation at our Carmel, IN facility. Dr. Clifford Fetters and our dedicated team are eager to understand your unique needs and collaborate on a personalized treatment plan that honors your individuality.

Choose Health and Wellness of Carmel as your partner in alternative cancer treatments. Your journey to well-being starts with a choice – and we’re here to ensure you make the choice that’s right for you.

Cancer Care


We Specialize in the Alternative Treatment of a Variety of Cancers

At Health and Wellness of Carmel, our dedication to personalized and alternative cancer care extends to addressing a spectrum of specific ailments. We understand that each type of cancer presents unique challenges, and our tailored approaches are designed to provide effective support and treatment. Here’s how and why our cancer care services are tailored to address specific ailments such as the following:

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer requires a comprehensive approach that not only targets the disease but also considers patients’ emotional and physical well-being. Our cancer care services for breast cancer emphasize early detection, advanced treatment options, and supportive therapies. 

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer can have far-reaching effects on a man’s quality of life. Our cancer care services for prostate cancer encompass cutting-edge treatments that focus on preserving the quality of life while effectively managing the disease.

Colon Cancer

Colon cancer calls for a multi-faceted approach that addresses the complexities of the gastrointestinal system. Our cancer care services for colon cancer combine innovative therapies and dietary guidance to promote healing and recovery. 

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer can be particularly challenging due to its impact on breathing and overall lung function. Our cancer care services for lung cancer involve a synergy of treatments, including targeted therapies, minimally invasive procedures, and pulmonary rehabilitation. 

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer often calls for a delicate balance between removing cancerous cells and preserving the skin’s appearance and function. Our cancer care services for skin cancer encompass a blend of  non-invasive treatments, and dermatological expertise. 

Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer demands a comprehensive strategy considering the intricate nature of this organ’s role in the body. Our cancer care services for pancreatic cancer involve a combination of innovative therapies and nutritional support.

Why Choose Our Cancer Care Services?

Expertise: Our medical team, led by Dr. Clifford Fetters, boasts extensive experience in cancer care. Their expertise ensures that every patient receives the highest standard of treatment.

Compassion: We approach cancer care with compassion and sensitivity. Our patient-centered approach means that you’re not just a case but an individual with unique needs and concerns.

Comprehensive Care: From early detection to rehabilitation, our services cover the entire spectrum of cancer care, offering holistic support at every stage.

Empowerment: Our goal is to empower patients with knowledge, choices, and the tools they need to confidently navigate their cancer journey.

At Health and Wellness of Carmel, our cancer care services go beyond medical treatments – they encompass the emotional, psychological, and physical aspects of cancer. We stand by your side, offering guidance, support, and expertise as you navigate this transformative experience. Together, we can overcome cancer and pave the way toward a healthier, brighter future.

Main Benefits of Our Specialized Cancer Care Services

Here are the main benefits of our specialized cancer care services tailored to each specific ailment:

Breast Cancer
  • Comprehensive Approach: Holistic treatments addressing physical and emotional aspects.
  • Early Detection: Advanced screening methods for timely intervention.
  • Tailored Therapies: Personalized treatment plans to suit each patient’s needs.
  • Supportive Care: Emotional support and counseling for a well-rounded approach.
  • Preservation of Quality of Life: Focus on maintaining physical well-being during and after treatment.
Prostate Cancer
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Minimized Side Effects: Strategies to mitigate treatment-related effects on quality of life.
  • Personalized Management: Tailored approaches considering patient’s health goals.
  • Long-Term Monitoring: Comprehensive follow-up care for ongoing well-being.
Colon Cancer
  • Multifaceted Treatment: Integration of innovative therapies
  • Gastrointestinal Health: Strategies to promote digestive wellness during treatment.
  • Patient-Centered Approach: Engaging patients in decision-making for a collaborative journey.
  • Dietary Guidance: Nutritional support to aid recovery and overall health.
  • Minimally Invasive Procedures: Techniques that prioritize patient comfort and recovery.
Lung Cancer
  • Targeted Therapies: Precision treatments tailored to specific lung cancer types.
  • Respiratory Rehabilitation: Strategies to enhance lung function and breathing.
  • Minimally Invasive Interventions: Less invasive procedures for quicker recovery.
  • Individualized Care Plans: Adapting treatments to patient’s lung health and needs.
  • Palliative Care: Focus on symptom relief and improving quality of life.
Skin Cancer
  • Dermatological Expertise: Skilled specialists in skin cancer care.
  • Aesthetic Consideration: Balancing treatment effectiveness with cosmetic outcomes.
  • Non-Invasive Options
  • Early Intervention
  • Psychological Support: Addressing emotional aspects of appearance changes.
Pancreatic Cancer
  • Innovative Approaches: Cutting-edge therapies for a challenging cancer type.
  • Nutritional Support: Managing pancreatic function and overall health.
  • Multidisciplinary Team: Collaborative efforts for comprehensive care.
  • Hope and Resilience: Strategies to boost patient’s mental and physical resilience.

At Health and Wellness of Carmel, our specialized cancer care services are tailored to cater to the unique needs and challenges presented by each specific ailment. We prioritize your well-being and aim to provide treatments that target the disease and enhance your quality of life throughout your cancer journey.

How Our Cancer Care Services are Administered

At Health and Wellness of Carmel, our cancer care services are administered with a patient-centered approach that prioritizes your well-being, comfort, and individual needs. We understand that each person’s journey through cancer is unique, and our goal is to provide comprehensive and personalized care that addresses both the medical and emotional aspects of your experience.

Here’s how our cancer care services are administered:

Personalized Consultation

We take the time to understand your medical history, current health status, and any specific concerns or preferences you may have. 

Comprehensive Assessment

Depending on your ailment and medical history, we conduct a thorough assessment that may include diagnostic tests, imaging studies, and specialized screenings.

Collaborative Treatment Planning

Once the assessment is complete, our multidisciplinary team will discuss and design a comprehensive treatment plan that suits your unique situation. 

Tailored Treatment Modalities

Our cancer care services encompass a range of modalities tailored to your ailment. Each treatment modality is chosen based on its potential to offer the best outcomes for your specific case.

Ongoing Monitoring and Adjustments

Throughout your treatment journey, we provide continuous monitoring to track your progress. Regular check-ups, imaging studies, and laboratory tests allow us to assess how your body responds to the treatments. If necessary, we adjust your treatment plan to ensure its effectiveness and address any changes in your condition.

Supportive Care

Cancer care goes beyond medical interventions. We offer a range of supportive care services, such as a designated cancer coordinator, nutrition guidance, pain management, and psychological support to help you cope with your cancer journey’s emotional and physical challenges.

Holistic Approach

We take a holistic approach to your care, addressing not only the physical aspects of the ailment but also the emotional and psychological impact it may have on you and your loved ones. This approach helps you achieve a better quality of life and overall well-being.

Patient Education

Empowering you with knowledge is crucial. We provide information about your condition, treatment options, and potential side effects, enabling you to make informed decisions about your care.

Compassionate Care

Throughout your treatment, our team is dedicated to providing compassionate care. We understand that facing cancer can be challenging, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Ongoing Communication

Open communication is vital. We encourage you to ask questions, voice concerns, and share your thoughts with us. This helps us ensure that your treatment plan aligns with your preferences and needs.

At Health and Wellness of Carmel, our cancer care services are not just about medical interventions; they provide a comprehensive and personalized approach that supports your journey toward better health and well-being.

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