Prostate Cancer

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How We Address Prostate Cancer at Health and Wellness of Carmel

We encourage our patients to meet with a traditional prostate cancer specialist to fully understand the allopathic treatment options. We appreciate that much of this information can be determined online. A good resource is the American Cancer Society.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men (after skin cancer), but it can often be treated successfully.

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What to Expect

At Health and Wellness of Carmel surgery is an option. At your first office visit we provide a basic medical examination. We will obtain extensive labs to determine your overall health status including specific tumor markers, germ load, immune status, hormone status including estrogen and testosterone, mold status, Nagalase, circulating tumor cell level, thermal graphic evaluation/heat measurement and the option of a complete genetic analysis of the tumor characteristics (Onconomics plus ) based upon the circulating tumor cells (Oncotrace) and even test the tumor susceptibility to natural treatments (Onconomics extracts) including hormone therapy, hyperthermia, and diet.

Common Recommendations We Make

We recommend androgen deprivation therapy at least short-term for many of our patients. Reducing how much testosterone your body makes may slow the cancer’s growth or shrink the cancer temporarily. This is usually managed by a urologist or oncologist.

Tumor shrinkage can be achieved through localized hyperthermia, total body hyperthermia, SOT, IST, ATA, VAXO Q RE, mistletoe and targeted nutrient therapy. For prostate cancer surgery is a viable option. The goal is removal of the entire tumor making sure that the margins are clear. Lymph node dissection is optional as our treatments works systemically and will work against affected lymph nodes.

Further notice due to surgery we can refer to surgeons to use Holmium laser prostate surgery which is a minimally invasive treatment for smaller tumors of the prostate. Also called holmium laser enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP), the procedure uses a laser to remove any tissue that is blocking urine flow through the prostate and remove the prostate tumor if it is located closer to the center of the prostate as opposed to the exterior. A separate instrument is then used to cut the prostate tissue into easily removable fragments.

Further Considerations for Prostate Cancer

For small to moderate size prostate cancer, we consider ablation therapy. Ablation means the removal of diseased body tissue such as cancerous tumors. Image-guided ablation is performed by applying thermal energy that physically destroys the cancer. For prostate cancer, ablation is an alternative to surgery or radiation. It is usually Same day outpatient procedure with rapid recovery time and return to normal activities. The procedure targets only the tumor plus an extra safety margin and avoids damage to healthy prostate tissue.

Greatly reduces the risk of impaired urinary and sexual function as compared to surgery. Laser ablation generates intense heat that completely encompasses the targeted area. Under real-time MRI guidance, a special optical fiber is guided precisely into place at the core of the tumor. When activated, the laser emitted at the tip of the fiber destroys the tumor within minutes while special tracking called thermometry confirms the proper temperature. Afterward, multi-parametric MRI scans reveal that the destruction is complete, and the laser fiber is removed.

For larger tumors we consider complete removal of the prostate gland. Prostatectomy can be performed in several ways, depending on the condition involved. Options include minimally invasive surgery performed with robotic assistance and traditional open surgery. Specially trained urologist urologists can use advanced endoscopic techniques to address enlarged prostate symptoms without the need for open, laparoscopic, or robotic surgery in most cases. Skilled urologists can minimize the most common side effects which are occasionally long-term urinary incontinence or erectile dysfunction.

Additional Information for Your Overall Optimal Wellness Naturally

All of our clients will be educated on the 20 actions to reverse chronic degenerative disease.

Our 1-year plan is that our client will agree that their cancer was a wake-up call which forced them to enter a path to gain optimal wellness.

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