Breast Cancer

At Health and Wellness of Carmel, we are dedicated to providing alternative treatments that complement your breast cancer journey with compassion, empowerment, and comprehensive healing. Our goal is to support your well-being on every level, helping you navigate your journey with strength and positivity.

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How We Address Breast Cancer at Health and Wellness of Carmel

We encourage our patients to meet with a traditional breast cancer specialist to fully understand the allopathic treatment options. We appreciate that much of this information can be determined online. A good resource is the American Cancer Society.

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Addressing Breast Cancer by Stages

The stage of your breast cancer is an important factor in making decisions about your treatment.

Most women with breast cancer in stages I, II, or III are treated with surgery, often followed by radiation therapy. Many women also get some kind of systemic drug therapy (medicine that travels to almost all areas of the body).

In general, the more the breast cancer has spread, the more treatment you will likely need.

Considerations for Treating Breast Cancer

But your treatment options are affected by your personal preferences and other information about your breast cancer, such as:

  • If the cancer cells have hormone receptors. That is, if the cancer is estrogen receptor (ER)-positive or progesterone receptor (PR)-positive.
  • If the cancer cells have large amounts of the HER2 protein (that is, if the cancer is HER2-positive)
  • How fast the cancer is growing (measured by grade or Ki-67)
  • Your overall health
  • If you have gone through menopause or not.

For traditional medicine, surgery is the main treatment for stage I breast cancer. These cancers can be treated with either breast-conserving surgery (BCS; sometimes called lumpectomy or partial mastectomy) or mastectomy. The nearby lymph nodes will also need to be checked, either with a sentinel lymph node biopsy (SLNB) or an axillary lymph node dissection (ALND).

What to Expect

At Health and Wellness of Carmel, surgery is an option.  At your first office visit we will obtain extensive labs to determine your overall health status including specific tumor markers, germ load, immune status, mold status, Nagalase, circulating tumor cell level, thermal graphic evaluation/heat measurement and the option of a complete genetic analysis of the tumor characteristics based upon the circulating tumor cells and even test the tumor susceptibility to natural treatments including hormone therapy, hyperthermia, and diet.

Tumor shrinkage can be achieved through options including localized hyperthermia, total body hyperthermia, SOT, IST, ATA & VAXO Q RE

Helping You Achieve Optimal Wellness Naturally

All of our clients will be educated on the 20 actions to reverse chronic degenerative disease.

Our 1 year plan is that the patient will admit that the cancer was a wake-up call which forced them to enter a path to gain optimal wellness.

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