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What is a RGCC cancer sensitivity test?

A lab in Greece under the direction of Dr. Ioannis Papasotiriou, M.D., Ph.D., medical director of RGCC, has been leading the way in the analysis of cancer cells.

The information that is obtained from this test allows us here at Health and Wellness of Carmel the ability to create an individualized, patient-centered holistic approach to your cancer treatment.

This test is being run by some of the largest cancer hospitals in the world. We are very pleased to be able to offer this Chemosensitivity Testing to our patients! We are pleased to offer not only Chemosensitivity testing, but our Onconomics Extracts, which measures the tumor cell’s sensitivity to natural substances and plant extracts. With this test, we are able to provide our patients a treatment plan consisting of natural substances that will be very effective.

In our clinic, most patients know they have cancer when they come to see us, so we expect the results to show circulating tumor cells and stem cells. The gene expression part of the test allows us to look at how the malignant cells want to grow, multiply, develop new blood vessels, grow in other places (metastasis), what feeds it and what inhibits it. This information allows us to get specific insight into which therapy may work best for you. It allows us as Functional Medicine practitioners to know what may be the best natural approach to cancer therapy.

That is to say that, RGCC tests are designed to assess which type of treatment will be most effective for you and your cancer.

However, the test is also for patients who have overcome cancer and want to make sure cancer has been eliminated from the bloodstream, even though they may be clear to all scans run by their doctor. The lab has developed a patented membrane that is able to capture malignant cells from your own blood. In fact, it is capable of capturing one malignant cell out of trillions of normal blood cells.

So as a result, it is also for those people who have a family history and want to be tested preventively, even before a tumor can be detected or develop or seen on any scan. Most tumors, equal to or larger than 2 millimeters, will produce circulating tumor cells. If a screening test is positive for circulating tumor cells, we can then proceed with further testing to identify the origin of the tumor cells with 95% accuracy.

We believe that RGCC has and will continue to positively change cancer care. With this test, we able to provide the patient a profile of natural substances that will be most effective in cancer treatment.

What are the benefits of an RGCC Cancer Sensitivity Test?

Even if you already know you have cancer, there are still many uncertainties in the process. RGCC tests can help shed light on a number of issues, including additional benefits such as:

  • Ability to detect location and quantity of cancerous cells
  • Diagnoses of difficult-to-detect cancers
  • Monitor progress of cancer as it happens
  • Diagnostic power that helps keep you and your loved ones helathy and safe

Who Is a Good Candidate for a RGCC Cancer Sensitivity Test?

At Health and Wellness of Carmel, RGCC Cancer Sensitivity Tests are ideal for existing cancer patients seeking tailored treatments, high-risk individuals with a family history of cancer, and those unresponsive to current therapies. If current cancer predictions or treatments are not working for the results you need, RGCC cancer sensitivity tests may be an ideal option. By identifying the most effective treatment options specific to your cancer type, our expert team can help guide your personalized healthcare journey.

RGCC Cancer Sensitivity Test FAQ

What exactly does the RGCC cancer sensitivity test do?

This test has multiple goals. It can determine if there are active cancer cells in the body and how high the load is, the risk of a cancer spreading (metastasizing), learn more about a cancer’s specific nature, and helps determine if cancer has been eliminated from the body and the risk of it returning. The Onconomics Extracts test more accurately identifies which natural treatments have the potential to be the most successful.

What is the Onconomics Extracts test?

This highly detailed RGCC test allows us to determine how effective natural substances and plant extracts may be at treating specific cancers and attacking circulating cancer cells. This can offer a guide to develop a more natural treatment alternative to traditional chemotherapy or supplement current cancer treatments.

How accurate is the RGCC test?

The RGCC cancer sensitivity test has a high degree of accuracy. According to research studies, for certain types of cancer, including prostate, breast, and skin, the test is 87% sensitive. For circulating tumor cells, it is 83% specific. In general, this means that about 87% of the time, the test will correctly return a positive result and correctly return a negative result 83% of the time (Papasotiriou I. et al, 2015).

Does the RGCC test work for brain tumors?

No, it does not. Although highly effective at testing most forms of cancer, brain tumors cannot be tested since these cancer cells cannot enter the bloodstream due to the blood-brain barrier. This means that this test is unable to capture these cancer cells from a blood sample.

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