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What is a far Infrared Heat sauna?

Far infrared is touted as the safest and “most beneficial” spectrum of natural sunlight. This wavelength can improve circulation, enhance natural detoxification and reinforce our body’s natural immune response. It can deliver healing relief for joint and muscle pain, inflammation, enhance cardiovascular function, assist in lowering cholesterol, revitalize skin cells, emulsify fat, increase metabolic rate and curtail the spread of infection. Imagine, far infrared can help us derive many of the benefits of sunshine, even when we don’t have regular access to it, and without any of the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays. You can bring a positive change to your life with daily, 30 minute far infrared therapy sessions.

What is the History of Far Infrared?

Over mankind’s history, heat therapy has taken different forms. The first documented use dates back to Hippocrates in the fifth century. Greek physicians believed that if one could create a fever, one could cure all illness. The early Romans built on this discipline, using elaborate hot baths and bath houses. Even Native Americans have used “sweat lodges” for both physical and spiritual cleansing practices.

At the start of the 19th century, the English astronomer Sir William Herschel first understood the infrared light spectrum. His experiments with this radiant heat began wide scientific interest, which continues today. Utilizing the early exploratory work of some of the greatest minds of our time, such as Albert Einstein, scientists have researched the positive effects of the sun’s thermals on our own atmosphere and human life. NASA’s own scientists studying the positive attributes of far infrared heat determined it is so important to maintaining health that they incorporated part of the technology into their space shuttle systems. Two of the most prestigious medical publications, The Journal of American Medical Association and The New England Journal of Medicine, have both published volumes on the positive effects of far infrared heat therapy.

How does Our Immune System react to far infrared?

Far infrared heat creates an “Artificial Fever.” A fever is one of the body’s most powerful frontline defenses against viruses, infection, and disease. Raising your core temperature, also known as hyperthermia, diminishes the advancement of infection, virus and bacteria growth because most viruses and bacteria cannot thrive above 102 degrees F. As effective as a fever is in curtailing growth, it also super-energizes our body’s natural killer cells or lymphocytes, the active aggressive immune response team within our bodies. Most of this activity occurs when your core temperature is at 102 degrees F or higher. A fever can also be artificially induced in patients who are unable to mount a natural fever response by incorporating the deep penetrating heat generated from far infrared rays (FIR) or frequency therapy. Many advancements in cancer treatments also incorporate hyperthermia because we are finding out that many cancers act like viruses in our bodies and cannot thrive in high temperature environments.

How does an infrared heat sauna affect Circulation?

If you can improve your circulation, you can improve your long-term health and wellness. Our blood carries all the properties for sustainable health. Nutrition, oxygen, healing properties and genetic information are all communicated in our blood. The thermal effect of far infrared is absorbed within the deep tissue layers causing the blood vessels to expand or dilate, improving local blood circulation and increasing our metabolic rate, with blood pressure.

This enhances blood flow to peripheral vessels, enriching vital oxygen delivery to organs, joints and extremities, speeding the healing of sprains and strains, relieving pain and reducing the time it takes the human body to recover from injury and heal from wounds. Our body’s absorption increases as we receive the most benefit from nutrition, nutraceuticals, other supplements and in many cases medications. All of which may be essential for good health.

How can infrared heat sauna aid in detox?

If you can incorporate some method of detoxification in your daily routine along with your live food nutrition, you can improve your health exponentially. Our environment is becoming increasingly more toxic despite all humanitarian efforts. Our bodies have becomes bio-filters that absorb and retain many of these poisons via air, water, and food product consumption. When toxins are present, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. Most of our toxic load is stored in fat, muscle, soft tissues and the organs of our bodies. With the increased advancement of modern diseases, science is suggesting that cleansing our bodies on a regular basis will improve overall health and might be a key element of longevity.

As far infrared heat uproots hidden toxins into our bloodstream and interstitial fluids, we then have to shuttle these poisons out of our bodies. Dr. Oz has been quoted as saying that far infrared sauna is the best natural detox device that money can buy because it is the most efficient way to dislodge and evacuate toxins from the body. Sweating is the best way to get the toxins out of your body. Daily sweating, along with blood circulation and lymphatic flow, releases built-in toxins and waste. The flushing of these toxins from the lymph areas and from our largest organ of elimination, the skin, is the source of many health improvements. Medical studies have targeted toxemia as the number one reason so many of us become ill. With the elimination of these poisons from deep within the body, the organs become less encumbered and stressed. Measuring a drop of sweat from far infrared sauna indicates 85% more toxins than steam rooms or hot rock saunas.

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In sum, far infrared heat is safe and can benefit all of us in one way or another. It raises our body’s core temperature, inducing an “artificial fever” that helps us naturally detoxify. It supports our immune system and improves our body’s ability to absorb essential nutrition, ease pain and relieve inflammation. Most of all, far infrared heat is all natural, we cannot get too much of it and it sets the stage for our body to heal naturally on its own.

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By Robby Besner, CEO, Therasage, LLC

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