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Our state-of-the-art facility allows us to test complete body chemistries, detailed hormone panels, food allergies, biological terrain testing for pH, oxidative stress, vitamin and mineral levels, heavy metal screening, Lyme disease, mycoplasma and other infectious agents, specific markers, and genetic testing for the Methylation pathway. Methylation disorders are the most common root cause of health problems. These include attention deficit disorder, allergies, autism, asthma, autoimmune conditions, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, difficulty conceiving, heart disease, and cancer. In addition to these problems, we specialize in the non-drug treatment for weight loss, irritable bowel, inflammatory bowel disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Lou Gehrig’s disease, diabetes, acne, adrenal fatigue, hair loss, hypertension, eczema, migraine headaches, erectile dysfunction, infertility, recurrent bladder infections, leaky gut syndrome, macular degeneration, neuropathy, celiac sprue, and systemic yeast.

Most of our new patients come to see us for one of two reasons. Most often because traditional medicine has not been able to determine the cause of their symptoms or prescription drugs are causing adverse side effects. Our patients prefer to eliminate or at least improve disease rather than treat the symptoms with prescription drugs. Our treatment protocols are based upon science: physiology, biochemistry, and genetics. Most of our patients have problems with the Methylation cycle. Methylation is a chemical reaction that occurs in every cell of your body. Methyl groups turn your genetic code on and off. They protect our DNA, as well as repair it. They help our neurotransmitters work properly, allowing good moods and a sense of well-being. They are critical in controlling oxidative stress, the immune system, and inflammation. There are biomarkers in the blood that indicate Methylation status and help guide our treatment program. For those who do not respond to basic treatment, we can now perform a genetic panel on the Methylation cycle, which will specifically guide your treatment. Specific nutrients in the proper form and dose can actually turn your genetic code on and off and bypass genetic defects.

Other clients seek our help solely for our guidance in assessing and promoting optimal wellness. All of us have lost loved ones to cancer, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses. Most of these people had initially felt well and were not aware of their health risk despite receiving standard American healthcare. At Health and Wellness of Carmel, we can make comprehensive evaluations and assess one’s risk for infections, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, stroke, and autoimmune disease. Although there are no guarantees for long-term health, one can significantly reduce their risk for disease by optimizing digestion, detoxification, oxidative stress, Methylation, nutrition, and minimizing inflammation, toxic foods, environmental poisons, including heavy metals, and emotional and physical stress.

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