Clifford Fetters, M.D.

Dr. Clifford Fetters specializes in personal life healthcare for both children and adults. His unique focus is integrating the latest discoveries in science with a practical application of functional medicine, nutrition, natural, and energy medicine. His ultimate goal is to guide his clients on a path to ultimate wellness without the use of prescription drugs.

Dr. Fetters grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Indiana State University. He then completed his family practice residency at Fort Wayne Medical Education. He moved to Carmel, Indiana and started practicing traditional medicine. He was with Family Physicians of Carmel for nearly two decades. He took over the practice from senior partner, Dr. Terry Frederick. Dr. Fetters has never forgotten his parting words: “Prescription drugs are poison, use them wisely, use them sparingly, and always try to find a better way.” It was not many months into practice before Dr. Fetters learned what his esteemed colleague was referring to ... many medical conditions and diseases were being treated by prescription drugs without regard to the science and biology taught in undergraduate training and medical school. Teenage acne and postmenopausal women were being treated with birth control pills. Type II diabetics were being treated with insulin, and asthmatic patients were being treated with long-term steroids. His burning desire was to treat all chronic illnesses and conditions by correcting the underlying physiology and use prescription drugs only for the acute illnesses for which they were intended. In 1989, Dr. Fetters was instrumental in treating postmenopausal women with bioidentical hormones. He organized a movement to encourage insurance companies to pay for hormone blood levels. In the early 1990s, Dr. Fetters pioneered an intense screening and treatment program for insulin resistance that resulted in the near elimination of diabetes from his practice. His extensive research through conferences, journals, books, and face-to-face interactions with thought leaders in functional medicine has allowed him to develop treatment programs for virtually all chronic conditions and symptoms that afflict Western civilization.

In 2006, Dr. Fetters started Health and Wellness of Carmel to fulfill his dream of providing holistic, functional medicine for the Midwest. It has become a nationally recognized center of excellence where medical doctors, osteopaths, and naturopaths combine their talents to provide individualized health plans to treat complex medical illnesses, as well as providing expertise in achieving and maintaining optimal wellness.


"For years I have suffered from an “unknown” illness. I have chronically suffered from joint and muscle aches, with brain fog along with fatigue. After seeing countless traditional doctors, each of them coming up with nothing for me besides “I must be making up my symptoms,” I decided to see Dr. Fetters for a Holistic and functional medicine take on my health. The first visit went really well, as he was genuinely nice man and took his time to look over my previous health records. After explaining just a few of my symptoms, he seemed to quickly pick-up on what traditional doctors had missed and overlooked all these years. After drawing some basic labs and a couple other special labs based on his suspicion, I saw him for a second patient follow-up visit. Just as suspected, my levels of Lyme disease were very elevated, along with a couple other inflammation markers. Dr. Fetters started me on his natural and holistic treatment for this, an about a month later my symptoms had nearly resolved. I have been a patient of Dr. Fetters now for years and whole-heartedly believe he is one of the best doctors in the field. I recommend anyone who would like a more natural and effective method to treat their illness to see Dr. Fetters."



"Dr. Fetters and Dr Weber take time to test and diagnose me when I am not feeling well. The staff is very kind and helpful contributing to the positive atmosphere in the office including an office for Lab Corp which handles their blood draws for further testing."



"Highly recommend!!! The best quality care I've received and the best I've felt in years thanks to Dr, Fetters and his staff!!!"



"I had a fabulous first appointment with Dr. Fetters. I have been going to doctors for chronic illness for decades, and I was impressed with how he listened well and took time with me and also fully reviewed my prior records. The office is nice and well organized with friendly people. Highly recommend!"



"Dr. Fetters and his staff are so knowledgeable and care deeply for their patients. He has been an answer to prayer for my cancer treatment. The nurses are highly trained and are so helpful though your entire visit. The staff in the lab is also highly trained and very good at what they do. I highly recommend Health and Wellness of Carmel."



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