Holistic Cancer Treatments


What Is Holistic Cancer Treatment?

At Health & Wellness of Carmel, we understand how the diagnosis of cancer could appear to be a devastating event in a person’s life. However, there are plenty of options. We would like to present another way to battle this condition. One that differs from surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation therapy; all of which can have a profound effect on your body and health. Most of all, we would like them to know there is hope.

We want our patients to live a long healthy life. In fact, the diagnosis of cancer usually leads to a reassessment of one’s personal life journey. Most of our patients change their priorities and make health and wellness, which includes emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being, a focus within their lives. They realize they can take control and be a part of their own healing. How amazing is that?

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Our Expertise

Dr. Clifford Fetters is the Medical Director for Health and Wellness Holistic Cancer Center and is a national leader in holistic cancer treatment. Dr. Fetters’ extensive research through conferences, journals, books and face to face interaction with functional medicine colleagues has allowed him to develop treatment programs for virtually all chronic conditions and symptoms that afflict Western civilization.

Our patients thrive on knowing comfort and care is put in place to create therapeutic options which not only help them in their goal to achieve remission, but also increase their mood, energy level, and overall wellbeing. Our treatment options are non-invasive, and our staff makes extensive efforts to provide every patient with an uplifting experience. While also being mindful of their medical condition, Health & Wellness of Carmel makes sure every patient understands he or she is not alone, and we are with them in their battle against cancer.

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