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What is IV Nutrition?

People with compromised digestion often have difficulty absorbing the nutrients they need to heal. By using intravenous therapies (IVs) we can bypass the gut and get health-giving nutrients into the bloodstream within minutes. IVs also deliver nutrients in concentrations that are higher than oral supplements allowing us to achieve medicinal or therapeutic doses. Most patients experience profound results from IVs including increased energy and focus, improved immunity, increased circulation, and rapid wound healing.

Who Can benefit from IV therapy?

IV therapy is customized for each individual to address specific medical concerns. IV therapy can successfully increase the health of those with:

  • fatigue
  • colds and flus
  • poor concentration
  • heavy metal toxicity
  • leaky gut
  • nutritional deficiencies or detoxification issues

IV therapy can also be used in conjunction with other treatments to support patients with cancer, head injury, autoimmunity, peripheral neuropathy, pain and central inflammation, and heart disease. After a thorough medical intake our doctors will design an IV protocol that fits the individual needs of the patient.

IV Nutrition FAQ

What types of nutrition can be delivered by an IV?

There are several kinds of nutrition that can be given via IV, including:

  • Vitamins and minerals
  • Electrolytes
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein

Is IV nutrition safe?

When administered by experienced health professionals like our team at Health & Wellness of Carmel, IV nutrition is safe and effective for a wide range of patients. We will begin by understanding your medical history to prescribe the correct nutritional therapy for you and avoid any vitamins, minerals, or other supplements that would be detrimental to your health. During your therapy, you will be monitored for safety, and after your treatment, if you have any concerns, we will be available to answer any questions.

Can I eat before an IV infusion?

Yes, you can eat before an IV nutrition treatment. Before your treatment, we will identify any steps to take or restrictions related to your particular treatment.

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