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Our cells should run at -20 to -25 millivolts for a healthy person. If you are sick or have pain, you are most likely not in that range. To be considered in the “healing” range, the cells in our bodies need to be at -50 milivolts. We are able to send voltage into your body to place your cells at the -50 milivolts that is required for healing.

Chronic disease and pain are always associated with low voltage. To increase the voltage back to normal to promote healing in the body

Tennant Treatment FAQ

Does a Tennant treatment hurt?

No, it doesn’t. As the device is passed over the skin, some patients may experience a tingling or prickly sensation, but it typically isn’t uncomfortable.

How does a Tennant treatment work?

The Tennant device creates microcurrent electrical impulses that interact with your body’s peripheral nervous system via the skin’s nerve pathways. This interaction works to modulate the body’s electrical impulses, helping them return to a more balanced level to promote optimal health and healing.

Are Tennant treatments safe?

Yes, for the majority of patients, a Tennant treatment is completely safe. Patients who have a pacemaker or other internal/external electronic implant devices are not a candidate for this therapy.

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