Bi-Photon Sound Beam in Carmel, IN

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The Bi-Photon Sound Beam is unique in the rapidly emerging arena of Electro-medicine. The Bi-Photon Sound Beam is actually several technologies in one unit – utilizing light, sound, subtle energy, plasma-electricity and radio-wave delivery. This energy medicine understands the simple fundamental nature of health and wellness as a vibrational relationship with the intelligence of the body. Frequency is the language of energy, all matter vibrates as energy.

The Bi-Photon Sound Beam delivers natural biological current deep into the body at the level of the cell. It quickly re-establishes the ideal electrical energy state and frequency of every cell in the body. It removes blockage and barrier issues by “electrical disassociation”, opening-up the body’s energy/information and elimination channels. Plasma-electricity is a perfect way to deliver other frequencies in a way which is bio-available.


  • Deep cleansing and oxygenation of tissues/fluids, which enhances the flow of the Lymphatic and Cardiovascular Systems
  • Removal of “Blockage & Barrier Issues” created from acid-forming diets while enhancing the flow of all the natural elimination channels
  • Improved bio-availability of frequencies to devitalize pathogens & parasites while improving the health of normal cells in the body
  • Photobiotic nourishment from light and subtle energies to enhance the Endocrine System

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