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Through the use of holistic cancer treatment, we can effectively boost the immune system of our patients, as well as eliminate toxins in their body.

Personalized cancer testing can detect early signs of cancer and determine which types of cancer drugs and natural substances might be useful.

Circulating tumor cells (CTC) are cancer cells that are derived from solid tumors that have since dissipated into the peripheral bloodstream.

RGCC cancer sensitivity testing provides our staff the information we need in order to craft personalized holistic cancer treatments for our patients.

Far infrared is a specific wavelength of natural sunlight that we can utilize in order to enhance circulation and improve natural detoxification.

Immune support therapy can be used to combat many types of cancer, especially those that have been found to be inoperable, solid malignancies.


Circulating tumor cells can be reverse-engineered using messenger RNA through a process known as supportive oligonucleotide technique (SOT).

By testing for the presence of 13 unique pathogens in your cells, PrimeSPOT is able to allow our team to better understand your immune system.

Sono and photo dynamic therapy (SPDT) is a non-toxic, noninvasive alternative to traditional cancer treatments, such as surgery and chemotherapy.

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