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Review from A.L.  |  Source: Google  |  Feb 08, 2020

I have been a patient at Health and Wellness of Carmel for over four years. I found the practice during a google search after being recommended to a holistic, or functional, practice by my nutritionist. This was during a time when my health was completely out of control and I felt like my body was attacking itself. Every day brought new and worsening symptoms, ranging from allergies to digestion, anxiety and mood swings to joint stiffness and extreme pain. I was miserable, and the doctors I went to see for help were not able to provide any answers. They were willing to write prescriptions and send me on my way without knowing the cause of my symptoms, but that didn’t seem to care about me or what was making me sick. So it was a welcome and amazing change to come to HWOC and receive such an opposite approach. Rather than being brushed off and rushed through an exam, the nurses and my NP took the time to find out about me and my life as a whole, instead of only listening to symptoms. From the receptionists and nurses to the NP I was assigned to and the lab techs that drew my blood, every person I have encountered during my visits has been friendly, compassionate, and invested in truly helping patients. After extensive lab work and discussion, I was untimely diagnosed with leaky gut, an illness I had not previously been aware of. Leaky gut caused widespread damage in my body, and it is an ongoing process to heal all the tissues and imbalances it caused. As the months and years have passed, the providers at HWOC have taken the time to listen to me, not just to my symptoms but to my concerns, theories, and questions, and they have worked diligently as a team to find the best supplements and lifestyle changes that will help me heal. No more simply masking symptoms with prescription, chemical medicine that will support the continuous cycle of illness. I have learned so much about my body and how complicated and wonderful it is, what it is actually capable of, how great I can feel when I take care of myself in healthy ways. I have learned about nutrition and what type of activity and exercise is best for me. Most recently I have learned about the communications between organs and nerves as I do muscle testing each month with Dr. Weber. Not only has this been helpful to me, but I have been sharing what I learn with family and friends who are interested in getting well. Being a patient at HWOC means being a part of an entire team of people who support and encourage me, but also getting an education in wellness that ends up benefitting others around me. I highly recommend checking out this practice!! More

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