How Does IV Therapy Help Treat Cancer?

Cancer is a scary diagnosis, and you may feel overwhelmed with all of the treatments being shown to you. However, IV therapy is not the same as many of the usual cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy. Dr. Clifford Fetters can help you decide if our IV therapy treatments may help you during a cancer diagnosis. Schedule a consultation at Health and Wellness of Carmel in Carmel, IN today to see how we may be able to help you.

What types of IV therapy are there, and what do they do?

Health and Wellness of Carmel offer many different types of IV therapies for cancer patients in Carmel, Indianapolis, and Noblesville, IN. These range from vitamin treatments to temperature therapies.

  • Vitamin C: High-dose intravenous vitamin C may help in treating cancer. It aids in increasing the production of hydrogen peroxide, helps stop the blood supply that feeds your cancer (anti-angiogenesis), helps immune support, and it is an anti-inflammatory. While side effects do occur, they are usually minor and can be easily treated.
  • Vitamin K3: Vitamin K3 can be given with infusions of vitamin C to help increase the efficiency of your cancer treatment. It may act as a catalyst that transfers electrons from vitamin C to make more reactive oxygen. This is harmful to cancer cells.
  • IV Ozone Therapy: Ozone is made of three oxygen atoms. This is one more than traditional oxygen, which only has two. When ozone comes into contact with your cells, it bonds and helps to increase oxygen efficiency, stimulates immune modulation, improves microcirculation, and encourages natural detox. Since cancer cells thrive in environments without oxygen, the extra oxygen the ozone supplies harms the cancer cells.
  • Hyperthermia: Hyperthermia is also called thermal therapy, and it is a cancer treatment where the body tissues are exposed to high temperatures. Heat can harm and even kill cancer cells in your body, normally with little damage to the surrounding cells. By killing the cancer cells, hyperthermia may reduce cancer tumors.

IV therapy sessions can help to boost your immune system and increase the production of good chemicals in your body. Some treatments may also act as an anti-inflammatory. Cancer treatments can be harsh on the body, but with IV therapy, you may be able to reduce the number of cancer cells without traditional chemotherapy and the side effects that go along with it.

What is IV therapy like?

IV therapy drips vitamins, fluids, and minerals into your bloodstream in a controlled manner. Treatment time can vary depending on your specific treatment but usually last around one hour. The timetable for results varies depending on your therapy choice. If you think you may benefit from IV therapy, contact Health and Wellness of Carmel in Carmel, IN today to see how we may be able to help you during your cancer journey.

Where can I get IV therapy in Carmel, IN?

IV therapy may be able to help reduce the size of cancerous tumors and provide you with needed vitamins. There are many different options to help treat your cancer, and Dr. Clifford Fetters can help you decide which is best. Our office serves the Carmel, Indianapolis, and Noblesville, IN areas. Dr. Fetters may be able to help you during your cancer diagnosis journey. Contact Health and Wellness of Carmel in Carmel, IN today to see if we can help you with our IV therapy options.