How Can Sono and Photo Dynamic Therapy Treat Cancer Symptoms?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and want to explore holistic treatments beyond surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation, Dr. Clifford Fetters and the Health & Wellness Carmel team offer compassionate, holistic care to patients throughout Carmel, Indianapolis, and Noblesville, IN.

Keep reading to learn more about Sono & Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT), a non-toxic, non-invasive treatment for cancer symptoms that does not compromise the immune system the way conventional cancer therapy can.

How does Sono & Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT) work?

While SPDT may not yet be common in the United States, this holistic approach to alleviating cancer symptoms has been used for decades in Germany, Australia, England, China, and Mexico. Using a combination of light (photo) and sound (sono), this therapy is designed to destroy cancer cells without affecting your immune system.

The treatment begins with an IV infusion of a chlorophyll sensitizer, which is easily absorbed by cancer cells. After a 48-hour waiting period, your healthy cells should reject this substance while it remains in the cancer cells.

In the next step, Dr. Fetters uses an instrument that distributes sound and light throughout the body to induce photosynthesis in the cancer cells that still contain chlorophyll. The release of free radical oxygen is designed to damage just the cancer cells, thereby causing minimal side effects.

What are the benefits of Sono & Photo Dynamic Therapy (SPDT)?

While sonotherapy and photo dynamic therapy have shown promise in treating cancer symptoms, the combination of light and sound holds new promise. Many cancer treatments are aggressive and damage healthy cells, weakening the patient’s immune system and leaving them open to secondary infections. The goal of SPDT is to target only the cancer cells.

Other benefits of SPDT include:

  • A reduction in circulating tumor cells
  • A non-invasive, non-surgical approach to treatment
  • The ability to treat many different types of cancer
  • The use of this treatment alongside other holistic approaches for a customized treatment plan
  • A lack of side effects that may accompany more aggressive treatments like radiation and chemotherapy
  • The ability to preserve your quality of life while undergoing cancer treatment

It’s important to note that SPDT does not constitute a cure for cancer but rather one among many holistic options for treating symptoms with the goal of remission.

Why try holistic cancer treatment?

Cancer looks different in everyone, which means it’s unlikely that there’s a one-size-fits-all approach to ridding the body of cancer cells and symptoms. Emerging holistic approaches such as SPDT are becoming more popular and are being studied more closely to prove their efficacy.

At Health & Wellness Carmel, cancer patients can opt to receive other holistic therapies alongside SPDT for an intensely personalized intervention. Other treatment options include:

  • Genomic testing
  • Circulating tumor cell analysis
  • Supportive oligonucleotide technique
  • Immune support therapy
  • Far infrared heat sauna
  • Ultraviolet blood irradiation
  • Nutrition/supplementation

Speaking with Dr. Fetters about your lifestyle and symptoms allows him to create a treatment approach that addresses your unique needs and symptoms using methods designed to maintain your overall quality of life.

Get Sono & Photo Dynamic Therapy in Carmel, Indianapolis, and Noblesville, IN

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, it may be worth exploring effective, holistic treatments such as Sono & Photo Dynamic Therapy, especially if you’re interested in avoiding the harsh side effects of conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation.

If you live in and around Carmel, Indianapolis, and Noblesville, IN and want to learn more about whether you’re a candidate for SPDT, schedule a consultation with Dr. Clifford Fetters and his team at Health & Wellness Carmel.