Meet Our Team

8 Team Members
  • Our Staff

    Our Staff

    Meet Our Team

    The staff of Health and Wellness of Carmel is made up of managers, marketers, and aestheticians dedicated to providing the best medical care.

  • Clifford Fetters, M.D.

    Clifford Fetters, M.D.

    Director of Medicine

    Dr. Clifford Fetters is an experienced physician at Health and Wellness of Carmel who specializes in the field of personal life healthcare.

  • Jerry Weber, N.D.

    Jerry Weber, N.D.


    As an experienced naturopath, Jerry Weber has spent over 25 years of his life practicing in the field of natural healing arts and sciences.

  • Lori Rigney, FNP-C

    Lori Rigney, FNP-C

    Family Nurse Practitioner

    Lori Rigney is an experienced nurse practitioner who can be found working out of the office of Health and Wellness of Carmel in Carmel, IN.

  • Brandy Protz, PA-C

    Brandy Protz, PA-C

    Physician Assistant

    Brandy Protz is our physician assistant at Health and Wellness of Carmel. She is deeply passionate about assisting our patients in any way.

  • Lisa Segall

    Lisa Segall

    Healing Touch

    Lisa Segall is a certified energy practitioner specializing in energy therapy, which has been known to alleviate stress and support natural healing.

  • Marc Margiotta

    Marc Margiotta

    Homeopathic Pain Management

    Specializing in myofascial release, prolotherapy, facial rejuvenation, and hair rejuvenation, Marc Margiotta is an invaluable member of our team.

  • Abby Dellinger

    Abby Dellinger


    As our dietician at Health and Wellness of Carmel, Abby Dellinger focuses on advising our patients who have chosen to undergo nutrition counseling.